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Meadowside Clinic

Fordton, Crediton

EX17 3DF

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Tel: 01363 777994


Email: slwheeler13@gmail.com

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About me

I graduated from the Maidstone College of Classical Osteopathy in July 1995, having completed a four year full time course. I practiced in a busy, multi disciplinary clinic in Surbiton, Surrey and then developed my own practice in my home clinic until we moved back down to Devon in 2014.

After having my third child, I decided to retire from The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), having been a ‘registered Osteopath’ since the council was set up in the late 1990’s.

I am now fully insured as a manipulative therapist and continue to treat patients with the gentle, traditional techniques that I have used for many years. In October 2016 I took over the practice of Paul Fillery, in Cox’s Close, Crediton, before transfering back down to my home based clinic in Fordton, Crediton (near Crediton train station).

I have always practiced very generally, in terms of treating patients of all ages for many types of conditions. I have treated babies of only days old who have had difficult births and are having trouble feeding or settling, children with issues such as ‘growing pains’, glue ear and asthma, right through to adults of all ages with all sorts of work or sports related aches, pains and restrictions, or with conditions such as headache, migraine, M.E., period pains, I.B.S., and more...

Treatment is gentle on the whole and takes into account the mechanics and workings of the whole body. I will always take a case history to find out how the symptoms you present with have developed and will always explain to you my findings. I work with my patients to help support changes in your lifestyle, such as posture, exercises and diet, which may help to relieve symptoms as well as build a stronger, more stable body and therefore, improve general health.