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Here`s what people are saying about Sarah Wheeler.

Having had knee and hip problems for many years, I booked to see Sarah in the hope she could assist in managing my issues and allow me to continue to run, a pastime I enjoy greatly. Over the last 6 months Sarah has treated me regularly, improving my pain levels and increasing my movement. It was Sarah who managed to get me moving again after a particularly bad knee flare up, which I am incredibly grateful for. More recently, I was knocked over by a dog whilst out running and landed heavily on my shoulder. Sarah fitted me in on the day, treating the injury and preventing any further deterioration in the joint following the fall. I would (and do) recommend Sarah to friends and family - she has also been treating my husband for his long term back issues and has made a huge difference to his pain levels.

Dianne Hollidge, Hele, Devon

I have been taking my son to Sarah Wheeler for quite a few months now. We met through our sons being friends at school. It was the best thing I had done for Aaron who is 14 and last year ended up with Glandular Fever, which onset ME/CFS, he had very little energy for anything and only now does school part time. Sarah has been amazing with her treatment; she looks at him as a whole and works through his body top to bottom. If it wasn't for Sarah I don't think Aaron would be so far on, the treatment has given him energy and is helping to return his body to normal. It boosts his immune system and generally gives him more life to his body. I sit with my son while he has treatment, she is very understanding, caring and the treatment is gentle. My son always says when he is finished that he feels loose and free. I see a huge difference every time we go. Osteopathy is good not only for back problems but for all sorts of ailments. A fantastic treatment for all ages, and makes a massive difference to your well being.

Teresa Davey ,Cheriton Fitzpaine